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Billfish Babes Photos From Women All Over The World

To feature your photos on the Billfish babes social media make sure you tag us or direct message us with your fishing report or achievement. Use #BillfishBabes on Instagram. Be sure to watch our Billfish Babes videos too!

Along with your photos please include a detailed fishing report with information such as: The anglers name? What’s your boats name? Which line class? Fish species? Weight of fish or estimated? First billfish? Dead/live bait or lures? If you have used a lure which brand is it? Is there a pending record? Are you a member of a game club? Photo credit! Who took the photo? Who’s the captain? Don’t forget to mention names of the crew! We all know it’s all about the team work.

The more information you provide with your photos, the better the feature post for you!

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