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The Billfish Babes Community

Read on & learn more about our story of building the Billfish Babes community of sports fishing women.

We are supporting fellow female anglers, captains & deck hands. We are proudly promoting it on social media worldwide for all to see & know. Not only do Billfish Babes catch MARLIN but also all the members of the game fish family too. Whether your catching a marvellous mahi-mahi, whopping wahoo or sensational sailfish, we want to know. Our story is all about encouraging camaraderie on the water & assistance to other Billfish Babes with any help or advice they require. We are a family of female anglers pioneering our way through a male dominated industry, earning our respect with the knowledge & skills we have learnt.

Long gone are the days of fishing being a male dominated sport as their are plenty of female anglers all over the globe who enjoy wetting a line & who are passionate about this sport as much as we are.

We also have Billfish Babes representative Deb Foster from Exmouth who will be keeping you up to date with whats happening in her local area.

Have you got an up coming ladies fishing tournament coming in your local game club?

Let us know about it so we can advertise your event to encourage more entrants for you. We love hearing from you! So please don’t be shy & do send in your game fishing reports & so we can feature them on our Facebook page or Instagram account.

Happy fishing & tight lines babes,

Marlene Hicks

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Airlie Beach

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