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Billfish Babes

Billfish Babe Marlene Hicks

Introducing Billfish Babe Marlene Hicks

Marlene Hicks is the Billfish Babes founder, Prostaff Saltgirl & captain in the making. Marlene Hicks is an owner/operator & first mate of Topnotch Game Fishing based in the heart of the beautiful Whitsunday’s on the eastern Queensland coastline of Australia.

Billfish Babe Marlene is passionate about sports fishing & encouraging all females onto the water especially when it comes to game fishing. She promotes women in sports fishing all over the world through Billfish Babes social media. Billfish Babes are community of ladies pioneering their way through a male dominated industry with skills & knowledge we have learnt. Billfish Babe Marlene encourages camaraderie on the water & support of fellow babes with any help advise they require. Long gone are the days of fishing being a males only sport. Their are plenty of female fisherwomen all over the globe who enjoy wetting a line just as well.

Billfish Babe Marlene is just a country girl who had a sea change in 2013 & moved to the heart of the beautiful Whitsunday’s with her husband Russell Hicks. She has over 15 years of mining experience operating heavy machinery such as 24M motor graders, D11 dozers, massive rear dumps & water trucks. Billfish Babe Marlene Hicks has spent a lot of time drafting cattle up in many dusty cattle yards & experienced plenty of long hard days in the saddle as well. She’s been no stranger to being the of the boys & pulling her own weight along side the best of them. She is also very passionate about women marking their own mark in such a male dominated world that we all live in. We all know there’s plenty of ladies out there who don’t mind getting their hands dirty to enjoy the sport & lifestyle that we all so desire.

Life On The Waves Game Fishing!

Billfish Babe Marlene wants to share your fishing stories & reports on Billfish Babes to publicised to world that women in game fishing are serious about their fishing. If your hook, line & sinker in love with sports fishing, please follow Billfish Babe Marlene on her fun, female, fishing adventures on Billfish Babes Topnotch Game Fishing.


Meet Billfish Babes Marlene Hicks from Topnotch Game Fishing Airlie Beach



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