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Aussie Billfish Babe Leah Concours Boating Fear And Catches First Ever Marlin

Exmouth Billfish Babes Game Fishing Report

From Leah Burkala

It is always inspiring to hear marlin fishing stories from women all over the world who stepped have outside of their comfort zone & had a go at catching the elusive black marlin. One of the ultimate sports fish in the globe to catch. Read on below to find out more about Leah’s fishing trip as she explains the excited of tagging & releasing her first juvenile black.

Leah Reports:

“So on Saturday, we set out to catch sailfish on our 8.5mtr boat named Top Deck. Now I hate boats, I get scared and seasick but I did it! I pushed through my fear and went out! After setting sail we stopped and set up the outriggers and baited up. We headed out to the sailfish grounds of the Dampier Archipelago in Western Australia. I was beginning to get seasick so I had asleep. Then woke up and we then hooked up! Bam it was ON!!! Our friend had hooked a sailfish. It was awesome and suddenly I wasn’t sick any more. I wanted to hook up. Once we cleared the spread we got the fish boat side and tagged the fish, off it swam. A healthy release.
I was pumped it was my turn! We then put all the lines back out and before long I was hooked! I was jumping for joy as I have never caught a billfish before and its all I ever wanted to do. Hard for me being scared of boats! After a little bit, it was clear I had hooked a black marlin! The adrenalin was pumping! I was so happy, living in Exmouth WA, I had waited a long time to catch this type of fish. I finally got it reeled in after putting up a great fight we actually thought it was going to jump aboard! We cleared the kids out the way and I finally got it to boat side. I was beside myself. I was so happy and proud I did it!

My first black marlin!!!

We ended up tagging the black marlin and of course as it was my first ever billfish. We picked it up for a quick photo and then put it back in the water to swim him and then watch him swim away happy! We estimated the black marlin to be 25kg which I caught on 15kg line. A huge thank you to my partner Michael Moran for skippering our boat Top Deck and to our friends for helping and getting rigged up and tagging and grabbing the leader!
I’m so happy it’s something I have wanted to do in a long time but having boat fear it’s stopped me. Not now! I just wanted to get another one!
Now I’m totally hooked on fishing #billfishbabes”
Exmouth Black Marlin Billfish Babes
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